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Motivational Strategies for Young Adults

Spousal Support & Relationships

Positive and Effective Parenting Techniques

Law of Attraction Processes for Change

Reiki Master


Certified Quantum Success Law of Attraction Coach Since 2011

Professional Educator for 28 years:

  • Austin ISD

  • Del Valle ISD

Private Creative Workshops for Individuals and Families

Family Planning Counseling - People’s Community Clinic

BFA in Art Education, the University of Texas at Austin

Licensed Massage Therapist since 1988


About Me

I am a life coach, educator, strategist, artist, and body worker. I am intuitive and have always been sensitive to other’s needs. I am a specialist and a liaison. I can’t help but be the person who is a helper and a problem-solver. My colorful and diverse life experiences have given me what it takes to guide others. When I don’t have the answers or guidance, I research it, bring in others specialists, or refer to others. In my free time you can find me spending time with family and friends, walking my dog on the greenbelt, swimming in Barton Springs, gardening, or being a maker in my art studio.

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“I just wanted to let you know that [my son] said, "I love this place!" after your session yesterday. He said that he really appreciates your insight, ideas, empowerment/ownership stance and the fact that you really listened to him (but you were also firm when needed). He's been sooooooooooo happy since then and incredibly open. So, thank you!!! He (we) can't wait until next Monday.

It's been really refreshing having my son back. Things feel really hopeful and optimistic. We know there is a lot of work to do but he is clearly up for it. Again, thank you!”

- L.S., Mother of a Young Adult

“Edie is truly gifted when it comes to coaching and supporting others. She has clearly and lovingly helped me pinpoint blocks in my life. She gave me poignant, almost magical, guidance that allowed me to transform and create more of exactly what I want in my life.

Thank you Edie!”

-M.W. LAc and mother of two