My belief is that all people no matter their age or neurological make-up want to feel happy and successful. I provide my clients who have an ADHD diagnosis an educational and interactive experience by looking at ADHD as a neurological difference, not a deficit.

By including my clients in the coaching process, I use powerful questioning to help them discover their drives, passions, strengths, and difficulties. My clients leave each coaching session with customized tools and strategies that allow them to feel happier, obtain personal growth, and succeed rapidly.


Young Adults:

Young adults, especially those with ADHD, are in a crucial time of their life where support and guidance is the most effective at jump starting their passions and career. I bring in life experiences through my years in education, parenting, Quantum Success Life Coaching, health wellness, and massage to provide my clients with effective tools and strategies. I use the Law of Attraction* processes and powerful questioning to guide and empower my clients to make perfect choices for the life they want to create. Along with raising my own independent and successful children, I have helped countless young adults thrive both personally and academically.



Whether you are trying to find a relationship or stay in one, I will guide you and give you tools to create a healthy relationship through powerful processes. Through these processes, you will find clarity and an uplifted feeling state. I will educate you in understanding the mental/emotional processing differences for yourself and your partner that will allow you to obtain the ability to shift your feeling-state and create a healthy relationship. I base my guidance on the duality of relationships in that each partner has a responsibility to the relationship and that focused visions and actions lead to outcome. Like attracts like and energy follows thought. Through effective communication tools and relationship education, you will obtain a higher level of understanding to be in a connected relationship where you feel valued and heard.



We are in a new age of parenting and raising children. For many, how to communicate with your child, no matter the age, does not always come naturally. Knowing what is best to help your child be successful can be very difficult, especially if you or your child have ADHD. Want to know how to communicate with your child or adolescent and have them hear you and even respond? I will teach you how to effectively communicate, along with providing you with processes and insights that fit perfectly for where your child is developmentally. With my 35 years of experience in education, coaching, and 28 years as a parent, I continue to help and encourage families in creating healthy relationships.



*The Law of Attraction

ICF Accredited

ICF Accredited

Law of Attraction uses processes that allow you to move in the life direction you desire and be able to manifest the outcomes you want in life. These processes are powerful and empower you to find clarity in knowing what you want and how to obtain it. The results are a feeling of joy and happiness with focused direction.